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GogduNet is a communication library for TCP, UDP and P2P. It uses sockets and connects directly with all peers, allowing applications to exchange several data types, such as strings, integers, unsigned integers, booleans and JSON objects.

The library does not provide a binary communication channel, so it’s up to the developer to implement a string-based protocol. Some features will work on Flash Player and AIR, while others will work on AIR only (such as UDP).

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2D Game Engine that uses Box2D, Starling, and Signals

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From Gestures.IO:

Dear Flashdaily, Gestures.IO is now opened. Please give us your feedback. Hope you’ll enjoy!


EASILY. Gestures.IO helps developers create and deploy gesture touchless animation only with standardized script languages: Javascript and Actionscript.

SUSTAINABLY. The same app functions whatever the connected sensor is. Gestures.IO allows you to create long-term gesture-app, regardless of sensor diversity and/or SDK evolution.

CREATE GESTURAL INTERACTION. Let your public feels your creations by interacting with their hands and body. Each user is no longer a spectator but a fully engaged actor. Your message is sublimated.

Starling-powered browser games for Kids (Polish language only):


Emilie is a transmedia romantic comedy that unfolds across multiple media platforms. Along the four webepisodes, the user interacts with the characters using broadcasting and communication tools available today.