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NPAPI Plugins in Firefox

Mozilla intends to remove support for most NPAPI plugins in Firefox by the end of 2016. Firefox began this process several years ago with manual plugin activation, allowing users to activate plugins only when they were necessary. This decision mirrors actions by other modern browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which have already removed support for legacy plugins. Moreover, since new Firefox platforms do not have to support an existing ecosystem of users and plugins, new platforms such as 64-bit Firefox for Windows will launch without plugin support.

Because Adobe Flash is still a common part of the Web experience for most users, we will continue to support Flash within Firefox as an exception to the general plugin policy. Mozilla and Adobe will continue to collaborate to bring improvements to the Flash experience on Firefox, including on stability and performance, features and security architecture.

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Sign Up For Webinar On Flash Professional And The Future of Animation

The Flash Pro team will be hosting a live webinar featuring presenters including Grant Skinner (creator of CreateJS), Joshua Granick, Rob Bateman, and Denis Balon. Topics will include native support for HTML5 Canvas and WebGL, Custom Platform Support (Cocos2D, Starling, AwayJS, OpenFL etc.), and much more. The webinar is on January 13, 2015 at 11:00AM EST, 8:00AM PST. No registration necessary, just join a few moments before the start time, select the guest option, and sign in with your full name.