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SkyBox 720 degrees panorama with Adobe Proscenium (source code included).

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Advanced Gyroscope, Local Notifications & More for iOS + Android

CoreMobile Native Extension for Adobe AIR:

Advanced Gyroscope. CoreMobile monitors the device’s built-in gyroscope, in combination with hints from its other available sensors, to compute accurate orientation readings. The API and results are exactly the same, whether your game is running on iOS or Android. Instead of burdening your CPU with additional expensive events, CoreMobile gives you synchronous access to the device’s current roll, pitch and yaw through a single function call you can integrate into your main render frame loop.

Local Notifications. While Push Notifications can be used for sending new information, sales, updates, messages, and multiplayer game events from a server to your users, Local Notifications are useful for sending a message to the current user only after a given delay.

For instance, a game in which the user’s energy slowly recharges after one hour, could use a local notification to remind the user when their energy is refilled; or if the user has not loaded your app in 3 days, a Local Notification could prompt them to come back and play some more.

Network Connection Monitoring. With CoreMobile, you can determine if the internet connection is available using a single function call- or if you need real time updates, listen for the connection being lost or gained with one simple event. Like all CoreMobile’s features, networking monitoring works seamlessly across iOS and Android.

Vibration. Add tactile feedback to games by triggering the vibration feature on your user’s mobile phone.

Native UI. It is often useful to use native modal dialogs to alert the user to an important event, ask a question, collect simple input, or get login information. CoreMobile allows you to implement such dialogs in a consistent, cross-platform way, without having to design and code the UI by hand in ActionScript.


distriqt // Native Extension Update

We’ve started to release the new packages of extensions. Each package contains several extensions we believe are useful together and come at a discount of over 30%.

We hope these packages will make it easier for you to obtain the extensions you need for your application development.


Use your Flash skills to code with Swift

Finally, a book for Flash and AIR developers who want to make iOS apps with Swift - Apple’s latest language. Written with love by the DiaDraw team.

Our book is called Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript and builds on your knowledge of ActionScript to take you on to the fast track developing iOS apps with Swift. Swift’s syntax is easier to understand than Objective-C for people already familiar with ActionScript. At the same time it offers a number of new features and richer expressiveness than both ActionScript and Objective-C.

What You Will Learn:

  • Expand your development knowledge to native iOS programming with Swift
  • Use the latest Xcode 7 IDE
  • Migrate your existing ActionScript projects to Swift
  • Create advanced UI, leverage the device hardware, integrate with social networks, take advantage of 2D and 3D graphics
  • Diagnose your app quickly with Xcode’s debugger and instruments
  • Prepare and submit our iOS app in Apple’s App Store

You can get the electronic edition (Kindle, PDF, EPUB) from Amazon or Apress or you can pre-order the print edition, which is coming out on November 13th 2016.

Want to see a free sample? Continue reading here…