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Adobe AIR cross-platform Financial App:

Inversis Banco

From now you can enjoy conveniently from your tablet, as fully operational Inversis Bank and all financial information :

  • Consult streaming quotes Equity , WTS, Options and Futures
  • Make buying and selling, viewing detailed graphics instrument and intraday and historical position.
  • Consult the integrated position and balances , market orders , accounts paid , cash flows and cards.
  • Carry comfortably transfers and cash transfers
  • Continue to live through his Twitter account and RSS channels the market situation
  • Send and receive recommendations to trade the markets through our communication platform , Quick- Hints , based on Twitter.

All with complete safety and security : control and discretion whenever the session is closed , preventing access by other users to their bank details, but subsequently connect from the same tablet.


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Graviton 2

Graviton 2 is a little puzzle game by Namide (Damien Doussaud).
It derives from Graviton: a prototype created during a Ludum Dare (with a very different gameplay).

Graviton 2 is realized with OpenFL, originally to build smartphones versions; The power of Haxe language helped to code a powerfull C++ engine to generate precalculated levels.
A procedural algorithm created random levels and an artificial intelligence resolved them and attributed a difficulty score.
C++ helped to generate more than 13,000 levels for this game. They are saved in a file used by the Flash version.

The openfl version of Away3d is used for the graphic render.

This game can be build in: Flash, HTML5 (WebGL), Neko, C++…


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